Trend Alert: Perforated Perfection

As we all know (and even as we’ve previously discussed!) dressing for between-season weather has it’s fair share of challenges. Unpredictable temperatures, varying hours of daylight, ever-changing humidity levels…What’s a girl to do?! Fall is all about embracing functional fashion, which is just one of the many reasons I love the covered-up-but-not perforated trend. Allow me to elaborate.

Same trend, opposite look: Two models highlight perforated leather.

Same trend, opposite look: Two models highlight perforated leather.

Making a statement sometimes involves showing a bit of unexpected skin. When summer’s cutouts are too flashy, but winter’s full-on fabric is just too much coverage, it’s the perfect time to opt for perforation. The micro-cut-out trend has the ability to make any piece you’re wearing a bit more interesting and feminine, simply by strategically removing an itty bitty amount of fabric. It’s a microscopic detail, yes, but the impact left is anything but subtle–perfect for your show-stopping moments. Who What Wear touched on celebrities’ penchant for cutout lace, but the trend spans much wider than that textile alone! While the overall vibe left from strategically-placed perforations in lace or cotton lend a delicate, ethereal vibe, perforations can also be found in fall-friendly suede and vegan leather, tempering their inherent masculinity with a bit of girly sweetness. That unexpected contrast? Totally hot. Look for snowflake-inspired perforation throughout shirts and blouses, on hems of skirts, accenting sleeves and collars of dresses, even on shoes and handbags! Perfection.



  1. Daisy Perforated Crossbody Bag (pictured above!) @Topshop
  2. Love Leather Leather Football Jersey Tee @SHOPBOP
  3. Schutz ‘Cicely’ Perforated Flat @Nordstrom
  4. Silicon Valley Leather Laser Cut Skirt @Rickety Rack
  5. Kelsey Perforated iPhone 5 Case @Tory Burch
  6. Bamboo Lynna Metallic Perforated Oxfords @Tilly’s
  7. Perforated Hem & Bodice Black Dress @The Pyramid Collection

What’s your take on the perforation trend? Hot or not?


Liza, Editorial Director


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