Listed: Mastering The Single-Status Staycation

They say you’re supposed to “write what you know,” and right now, everything I know has everything to do with me. My guy is currently on a business trip, so I’m using the opportunity to indulge in some quality me time in a full on, girls only staycation. What’s that, you ask? For me, it involves puppies, Passport to Paris, and pedicures–and that’s only day 1. When you’re coupled, no matter how much you love your other half, it’s truly vital to take some time for yourself now and then. Not only does doing so keep things fresh and interesting, but it also keeps you happy and healthy. Good times! Read on for a list of my favorite pseudo-single girl pastimes, perfect for times like these.

  1. OD on chick flicks. Or chick lit. Or chick TV shows. You know all of those movies and TV shows that have been in your Watch List for ages, but have been vetoed by your partner for just as long? They’re now fair game. 50 Shades, the Shopaholic series, and anything with a pink cover also applies. Binge out!
  2. Carve out some spa time. Whether you grab a groupon for a mani/pedi or spring for a massage, there’s no better time to treat yourself than when you have time all to yourself. Of course, relaxation doesn’t have to equal a giant bill–thanks to Pinterest you can get your spa on DIY-style at home. Paint your nails, deep condition your hair, and take a candlelit bath–maybe even pop some champagne!–and take as long as you want to do your thing. Being self-indulgent can feel so good. You know you deserve it 😉
  3. Get busy. While this is basically the complete opposite of the last tip, being productive and keeping busy is an awesome way to distract yourself from any lonliness you may be experiencing. Aside from the distraction aspect, keeping busy will make you feel accomplished and capable–both awesome. So go workout! Finish a project for work! Grab lunch with your BFF! Clean your closet! Before you know it, a day will have gone by and you’ll have checked a ton of items off of your to-do list.
  4. Shop. While I realize shopping is a virtually-anytime pursuit, there’s something extra awesome about shopping without your siginificant other. No distraction, restriction, rushing, complaining…ahhh, that’s the life! If you find yourself missing your boo, you can pick them up a little something. If you’re feeling sassier, however, a solo shopping trip is the perfect opportunity to buy something for yourself that you’re pretty sure that they’d hate: harem pants, a jumpsuit, a pair of wedge booties, new extra-baggy sweat pants, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about YOU.
  5. Engage in secret single behavior. Carrie Bradshaw ate stacked saltines and read old issues of Vogue. For me, however, this means eating really weird combinations of food at all hours of the day, sleeping with my down comforter with the AC on blast, and walking around in just a v-neck. K, let’s be honest–I do that last one all the time regardless of my relationship status.

What do you do with a little extra time to yourself?


Liza, Editorial Director



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