Most Memorable Moments in Fashion from the 2013 VMAs

MTV’s biggest night in music just happened: The 2013 Video Music Awards were last night! If you missed it, NSYNC performed, Lady GaGa’s opening number included pre-recorded boos, One Direction actually got booed, T-Swift dropped an F-bomb, and Miley Cyrus was…just being Miley…? Show details aside, this year’s VMAs had it’s fair share of major fashion moments. After all, when celebrities dress with an MTV-audience in mind, things tend to get a little crazy. Don’t believe me? See for yourself! Here are my most memorable fashion moments from last night’s awards!

1. Selena Gomez’s simulated wardrobe malfunction.

We get it, former Disney stars! You’re grown up! Selena celebrated this fact by wearing a dress that was slit up to her hip, held together by a few clips, and then exposed a good 60% of her lingerie-clad chest. Definitely over-the-top! Homegirl is just lucky she wasn’t on stage when JT performed “Rock Your Body”, knowhatimsayin?

2. Holland Roden’s sparkly cream ensemble. 

In my opinion, Holland Roden was the VMA’s best dressed star. I love the jeweled embellishment, the garment’s cool cream against her alabaster skin, and most of all, that she went for elegant and classy instead of sexy and provocative. Plus, pockets! Pants! Major fashion moment, Holland.

3.  Rihanna’s micro grill.

Opting out of a red carpet appearance and swank evening gown in favor of a more low-key jeans-and-tee ensemble, Rihanna still managed to turn heads at the VMAs with her mouth jewelry! The singer sported an itty bitty a cross-shaped tooth piece–so tiny you probably missed it during the broadcast! Unlike grills of yesteryear, Rihanna’s shiny piece was actually pretty cute, and it worked to give her the gap-toothed look so many runway models have been rocking.

4. Robin Thicke’s Beetlejuice suit. (Honorable mention to co-performer Miley Cyrus’s latex bra + teddy bear ears hair) 

We had to include it. Enough said.

What were your most memorable VMA moments? Who was best dressed? Worst? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director


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