Mani Monday: The MAJOR Manicure

Photo via @mayyadda

Mani of the week! Photo via @mayyadda

When I came across this major mani in my Instagram feed, I was genuinely surprised to find that it wasn’t being sported by a celebrity…They’re that on point. Instead, however, these super-chic nails are the work of Mayyadda Major–my “freshman buddy” from back-in-the-high-school day, and all-around cool girl come 2013. You see, obvious penchant for dope nail art aside, Mayyadda is also an amazing knitter, singer, and is crazy smart. So talented. I’m a totally proud senior buddy, guys.  Anyway!  Contrary to my initial belief, this particular work of nail art does not feature those instant manicure strips or stickers and she did not have these done at a salon–it’s a total DIY job. Makes it even cooler, no? I’m digging the vaguely 90’s vibe. Actually, now I wish that these WERE stickers because I want this manicure on my fingers, stat. Until they come out with a Major instant-mani line though, we can all cop the lined look by using tiny brushes and multiple shades of polish…Seems like a pretty simple way to capture the plaid, feathered swag that Mayyadda is so expertly sporting. Love.

What do you think of Mayadda’s mani? Would you rock a similar look?


Liza, Editorial Director

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