The Click: 08/11 – 08/18



Refinery 29 posted this awesome piece about hidden gems on Netflix–beware, it will totally suck you in!

Who What Wear road tests skinny jeans that actually make you look skinny, and covers ways to look hot in the heat.

Vogue Australia has the best “scouted” stories. Models being discovered at McDonalds? Totally happens.

So thaaat’s how Birchbox makes money!

Full disclosure: my mom sent me this Huffington Post article about the marriage secrets of highly successful couples, but it’s totally applicable to just about any relationship you might be in.

Beauty Editor spills secrets for rocking glitter without looking like Ke$ha…Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

This is so cool: Former editorial platform and source of sartorial inspiration StyleSaint is launching a series of capsule collections based on their users’ most popular looks.

I’m obsessing over this post from American Gypsy Living on displaying kaftans and kimonos as part of home decor. So chic!

It’s not just fashion that evolves–personal style can too. StyleCaster provides great tips for casually changing things up.

Finally, since we’re always a fan of the clothing + critters combo, The Daily Beast has an awesome spread of the 11 Best-Dressed Dogs of Instagram. SO CUTE.


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