Thursday Pick-Me-Up: Ryan Gosling Takes It Off for ‘Place Beyond The Pines’!

We’re putting fashion and style aside this Thursday morning to bring you this piece of amazingness…If you’re a Ryan Gosling fan, you’re going to want to see this. Not a believer? Well, this just may change your opinion on the sunshine kid. (Because hey, here’s a #tbt moment, Ry Gos was a Disney darling in Remember The Titans back in the day!…though he did not play character ‘Sunshine’) Why this scene was axed for The Place Beyond the Pines, I’m not sure–after all, don’t directors love shirtless/ or otherwise half-naked shots of in-demand leading men??–but really, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that now we all have the opportunity to see America’s Sweetheart take it off. Ow ow!

Kinda makes you reconsider his good-guy persona, right? Of course, there’s more: Yesterday Perez Hilton posted a GIF of the pivotal moment in this scene, and we’re including that here too. That’s love, guys.


You know you just watched that at least 10 times. But it’s fine–GIFs are mesmerizing. I mean, how can you be stressed out after that?! You totally cannot. You’re welcome. Happy Thursday.

Are you a Ryan Gosling fan? Will you be seeing The Place Beyond the Pines? Any other thoughts to share?!


Liza, Editorial Director


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