Highly InVESTed: Four Trendy Vests for Fall & How To Style Them

Layering is always a perennial fall trend. As temperatures drop, pieces pile on–first socks, then scarves, then boots, then jackets. This year, however, there’s another link in the layering chain: vests. With iterations ranging from ultra-trendy to classic, the perfect fall vest is already within your reach. Curious? Read on for a peek at four of the latest vests deserving a place in your closet, plus styling advice galore!

Four Trendy Vests for Fall & How To Style Them!

For The Trendsetter: Motorcycle Vest

Arguably the most trendy vest of Fall ’13, the leather vest–or faux-leather, naturally–is a style that will appeal to trend chasers and true avant-guard fashionistas alike. While edginess and leather go hand-in-hand, a tough cognac leather vest is easily paired with a feminine slip dress and lace-up sandals for a dose of stylish dichotomy. If you’re feeling the traditional motorcycle roots of the piece, team a black vest with dark skinnies, a plain white top, and black quilted boots. The resulting look is model-off-duty meets danger.

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For the Urban Bohemian: Field Vest

Canvas field jackets were huge last fall, so it should come as no surprise that their ilk, the field vest, has a huge in-store presence this season. Slouchy and oversized, a cargo vest pairs perfectly with fitted bottoms for balance and with billowy, relaxed pieces and maxis for intentionally voluminous outfits. Another thing field vests are perfect for? Those random times when you just want to carry a lot of stuff. Cargo pockets get the people going.

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For The Denim Devotee: Jean Vest

If you’re wary about trendiness, you may have found your sartorial match in the denim vest–not only has the style been around for multiple seasons and is still going strong, but pieces are widely manufactured and available at just about every price point–even at stores like Target. Just because this piece has been around for a few seasons, however, does not mean that it deserves a space in your closet any less than the other contenders: a denim vest is versatile, appropriate for year-round wear, and appeals to a variety of personal style lenses. I love a denim vest over just about anything–a tank top, maxi dress, crop…If you’re feeling Man Repeller-y, you can even pair yours with jeans. Even if you wouldn’t dream of rocking double denim, the denim vest is much easier to style, wear, and generally incorporate into your fall wardrobe than it’s big sister the jean jacket.

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For The Prep: Micro Puff Vest

Though the heyday of the puffer vest was undeniably in the mid-to-late 1990s, quilted varieties of the style have remained staples in the prepster wardrobe for decades. More subtle than the primary-hued puffers of yesteryear, 2013’s micro-puff numbers provide both style and warmth in a much smaller, cuter package. Quilted vests look totally classic each autumn when paired with tight jeans, solid long-sleeved shirts, and riding boots. You’ll look like you stepped out of a J. Crew catalog.

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What do you think, Mieuxs? Are you feeling vests for fall? Which of these styles would you rock?


Liza, Editorial Director


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