Mani Monday: West Coast, Best Coast

Image via Instagram - Fleury Rose Nails.

Image via Instagram – Fleury Rose Nails.

Obsession level with these nails: off the charts. Seriously. Nylon Magazine posted the snap of this LA-inspired manicure on their Instagram and I had to share it with you all immediately. I mean, there are McDonald’s fries, Randy’s Donuts, palm trees, and a Raiders logo on her tips–pretty much the definition of badass. The deets? The mani was created by Fleury Rose, an NYC nail artist, and is being sported by Nylon’s Fashion Market Director, Rachel Wang. In addition to being the artist behind the iconic cali mani, Fleury Rose has been named one of New York’s Top Ten Nail Artists by Time Out NYC and operates a website where she showcases her work, details her inspiration, and offers behind-the-scenes content. Definitely a must-see for any nail or art aficionado.

For further inspiration + lots of rad nails: Fleury Rose.

Loving these nails? Would you rock a city-inspired manicure? I’m totally jonesing for a Minneapolis mani guys, not gonna lie.


Liza, Editorial Director


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