Obsessed: Style Has No Size


Need to add something new to your reader? Style Has No Size is a must-read…and it’s probably unlike any other blog you’ve followed. Started in May 2011 by Netherlands stylist Edith Dohmen, Style Has No Size is far from your average plus-size blog. Instead, SHNS is focused on the promotion of a body-positive message and mission. As Edith herself puts it…

“I don’t want to promote obesity or anorexia. I want to promote health and a positive self esteem and let women be proud of themselves, in any size. It’s very important to accept your size and your body. And love it! If you do embrace your body and curves, you will show it to the world! You want to look and feel great! And showing the world that style and beauty have NOTHING to do with a size! […] I have been a fashion stylist for almost 10 years now. In all these years I styled ‘real’ women and models in every size. My conclusion is that every woman has the right to look good and dare to be noticed.”

Preach, lady. Also noteworthy: The site is catered to “inbetweenies”–ladies who aren’t model thin or plus sized–who are typically overlooked by the fashion community. It’s Dohmen’s dream to see more of these “average-sized” bodies used in fashion media worldwide in an attempt to foster confidence, self-esteem, and body acceptance. Doing her part in making this happen, Edith owns and operates the world’s first clothing brand catered exclusively to in-between sizes and her site features not only awesomely diverse top models and celebrities, but also stylish real-life inbetweenies— true sartorial genius coming at you from three distinct directions. In terms of inspiration, this site definitely delivers. And personally, I can appreciate  good #ootd on any size model. Cute is cute, after all.

Convinced? Click on over now! Still skeptical? Take note: Aside from our approval, Style Has No Size has amassed over 10 pages of media clips and has been featured in Bust magazine, on Vogue Italia, and Cosmopolitan NL. Yeah. The manifesto couldn’t be more spot on, and Edith’s subtle positivity is surprisingly infectious. As we’ve discussed before on the blog, the only real indicators of great personal style are authenticity–which can be had no matter the number on the inside of your jeans–and confidence…Everything else is just clothing.


Liza, Editorial Director

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