Foodie Friday: Chocolate Lasagna

It’s a fact of life: Sometimes, a girl just needs her chocolate. Particularly desperate times call for a lot of chocolate. In need of a fix? Then this week’s FF is for you. We’re making CHOCOLATE LASAGNA. 

Choc on choc on choc. Image via Center Cut Cook.

Choc on choc on choc. Image via Center Cut Cook.

While this amazing layered dessert is sure to provide you with optimal levels of chocolate for refueling, it’s also surprisingly light. The layers? A crust of crushed Oreos, a cream cheese and Cool Whip combo, chocolate pudding, and a final layer of Cool Whip topped with mini chocolate chips or chocolate sprinkles. If you consider yourself a chocolate fan and not totally drooling, there’s probably something wrong with you. Bonus: it’s no-bake and makes a huge batch. Check it out!

CCC‘s Chocolate Lasagna!

Via Center Cut Cook.

Deliciousness via Center Cut Cook.

Click over to Center Cut Cook for a larger, printable version of this recipe, plus tips and treats galore!

Whats your go-to treat for getting a chocolate fix? What kinds of recipes would you like to see here? Leave a note and let me know!


Liza, Editorial Director

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