Life Meets Style: I’m Obsessing Over These Interior Design Resources

It’s August! …What does that mean? Relocation. For this Mieux, it’s moving season. The lease on our new place  officially starts today, and I’m going to be slowly moving in for the next couple of weeks.

I get pretty one-track-minded about major life events–especially as they near closer–so the move has been pretty much all I’ve been thinking about for the last 48 hours ago. And aside from going through my dresser drawers, clothing racks, and shoe collection wondering what to toss and what to keep, the #1 move-related thing on my mind has been design. I’ve never cared that much about the look of inside spaces…until I found myself with one that was all mine. I’m literally becoming obsessed with curating the perfect dwelling. And for me, aside from making a myriad of lists, achieving perfection requires lots of design inspiration. If you’re also moving this month, or if you’re just into interior design 24/7, consider this post especially for YOU–these are my favorite home blogs, styling resources, and points of reference for all things interior design.

Apartment Therapy

This one is a gimme for stylish people: Even if you’re not typically into interior design, you’ll probably like Apartment Therapy. AT is all encompassing: Alongside expert editorial content and super inspiring at-home images, they offer tips on everything from  DIY decor to solutions for green and budget living. The combination of seeing real people’s homes, truly useful design tips, and before & afters will suck you in.  You have been warned.

Lonny Magazine

Launched as an online magazine in 2009, Lonny‘s philosophy as stated on their Pinterest page is, “We believe in making design choices that lead to personal happiness and are convinced inspired design can be achieved anywhere.” The magazine (and their accompanying website) focuses on lifestyle and home decor. The voice and tone are engaging and their collection of resources are endless…and that’s only on their website proper. If you really want to get excited about home design, you must click through to one of their digital issues. There, you’ll find styled spaces, expert interviews, even fashion tips!, all wrapped up into a digital glossy.

Refinery 29 Home

I’m totally infatuated with Refinery 29. I check the site multiple times per day and am constantly clicking through their fashion and beauty links that appear in my newsfeed and timeline. With an impending move, it really only makes sense that this R29 fan girl has  found herself pining over the Refinery’s “Home” category. It’s familiar, fashionable, and easy to read without focusing in on any single topic or category. If you’re a fan of Refinery 29 and you’re currently skipping over their “Living” category, you’re missing out.


Fun fact: My Mom told me about Houzz–she has their app on her iPad. Mobile browsing resources aside, Houzz, which focuses on home design, decorating, and remodeling, is major. Not only do they post helpful editorial content, but they also offer shopping resources, connections to local pros, and a forum. My favorite feature, however, is their ability to browse by room. It’s the ultimate way to get inspiration and hone in on teeny tiny almost obsessive details, like drawer pulls and desk accessories. Killer.


Let’s be honest–when is Pinterest not on a list of resources these days?! I had to include it. The genius with Pinterest is that you are in charge. Whether you’re clicking through “For The Home” boards, pinning photos of inspirational spaces, or perusing the Home Decor category, Pinterest is the ultimate resource not only for getting inspired, but for collecting and storing all of your favorite online finds and introducing you to new sites and sources of genius. If you’re looking for an inspirational starting point, all you have to do is google some combination of your favorite aesthetic, store, or trend + apartment + Pinterest and a collection of links will materialize before your very eyes.

Are you moving soon? Just redecorating? Where do you find inspiration for creating the perfect space? Share your favorite home blogs and style resources below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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