Cobalt Crush


If oxblood was the major color for 2012, late summer’s cobalt blue is attempting to win the title for 2013. That’s right girls–cobalt is having a moment.The ocean-blue hue is coming into fashion just about everywhere: clothing, handbags, nails, even makeup! And, though I’m always a bit wary of blue cosmetics, a coat of bright blue mascara or a swipe of sea-toned liner really does perk up a summer night like nothing else can. Want to try your hand at this Pantone-approved trend? Here’s how to embrace cobalt on your terms.
Nails If there’s any time a daring manicure is appropriate, it’s during the tail end of summer. Embrace the bright, bold tones while you still can! There’s nothing easier than opting for a pedicure with cobalt polish, or getting matchy-matchy with a full set of mermaid-inspired color on both fingers and toes. Simple!
Makeup As I touched on above, a *touch* of azure around the eyes is a great way to change up your summer look. If you’re a free-spirited wild child who’s unafraid to go bold, colored mascara may be the ideal beauty trend to embrace. On a smaller scale, electric blue liner is freakishly flattering on a giant array of skin tones, and is way less scary than it sounds. Keep the rest of your look dewy and fresh and let your blue-spiked eyes do the talking!
Bags Whether you opt for a micro clutch or an oversized hobo, a blue bag is sure to make a statement. Solidify your trendsetter status with something in cobalt and don’t be afraid to rock that ish like a neutral! There’s truly not an easier or more impactful way to make a statement.
Clothing I mean, obviously, right? This is a fashion site! For the extra-daring, cobalt apparel is definitely the way to go. Though it probably won’t have the longevity of a blue bag or the ease-of-wear of blue polish, for the ultra-trend conscious, cobalt clothing will be everything. My favorite picks? Blue blazers, skater-skirted dresses, and jeans.

What’s your take on cobalt? Do you have a blue crush?

Liza, Editorial Director


All images via Pinterest.


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