Saturday Night Style Inspiration: Violet Femme

If I had to describe this image of model Kasia Struss by Sebastian Kim in one word, the word I would choose is intriguing.

Model Kasia Struss by Sebastian Kim.

Model Kasia Struss by Sebastian Kim.

Fresh-faced girl, violet and magenta fur, a strapless leather frock layered over what appears to be a graphic tee–It’s totally random, completely improbable, and totally deliberate…And that’s just what I love about it.

Originally published in Flair Magazine’s November 2012 edition, this photograph caught the eye of Neiman Marcus’ tastemakers as well: It was pinned onto the retailer’s “The Art of Violet” board. Besides intriguing, the other keyword I would attach to this image is intentional. The hair is styled to appear messy. The makeup was meticulously applied to look as if the model has nothing on at all. Articles of clothing that perfectly play up color and texture almost seem artlessly thrown together, like the model herself styled the look. It’s all about fantasy of fashion and temporarily suspending your disbelief in favor of appreciating the overall image. Would I wear this outfit? Non. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find this photograph and its intentionally offbeat styling totally enthralling nonetheless.

What do you think of this photograph? Would you wear a violet fur?


Liza, Editorial Director


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