Listed: Premier Packing Tips for Stylish Travels

There’s something about a change of scenery, no matter how fleeting, that just…fuels me. I live for day-long adventures, exploring new coasts, sampling street food, and, most of all, relaxing on foreign beaches–even if foreign more accurately means “in the neighboring state”. A new experience is the easiest way to boost my mood: the inner and outer glow that a vacation provides really knows no competition.

We got you. You in or what? Image Credit

We got you. You in or what? Image Credit

A HUGE part of any travel experience, however, is preparation! Namely, packing. For optimal comfort, appropriateness, and general style, the right travel apparel needs to be taken into consideration. So, what do you pack? Check out our mega-list of packing, traveling, and styling resources below! Even if you’re not vacationing this week, bookmark it, and you’re set for all of your upcoming adventures 😉

Listed: Internet-Sourced Excellence – Expert Travel & Packing Advice!

All of the essentials ;) Image Credit

All of the essentials 😉 Image Credit

  1. Who What Wear recently posted a guide to dressing for a European vacation
  2. What To Wear To The Airport from The Zoe Report is stylish and practical.
  3. Savvy Sugar’s What to Do Before Leaving For Vacation
  4. The Organized Traveler: Packing Tips from Apartment Therapy
  5. The Heathrow plan for eating to beat jet lag!
  6. Check List: Bright Lights/Big City/One Bag via Pinterest.
  7. Packing Tips to Save Space and Time at SHAPE Magazine 
  8. Refinery 29’s pro tips on packing for a trip!
  9. Strategic packing tips galore from a personal stylist in Wearing It Today: WIT-ty Summer Holiday Packing.
  10. Travel like a model! Modelina has an entire section dedicated to Supermodels’ Secret Destinations.
  11. Extra Petite has tips on packing light and staying stylish.
  12. Mimosa Lane’s Packing Tips for Extended Stay Travel
  13. Packing the perfect carry-on from Deliciously Organized.
  14. Travel Tips From Top Bloggers on Huffington Post Lifestyle
  15. Finally, from The Vivant: 101 Travel Tips – From How to Pack to Combatting Jet Lag. Genius!

Here’s to extra-stylish travels, Mieuxs!

Bon voyage!


Liza, Editorial Director


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