Want It Wednesday: Daisy Crazy

We can't all look like Miranda Kerr, but we CAN all dress like her. Daisy print is the solution. Image via Pinterest.

We can’t all look like Miranda Kerr, but we CAN all dress like her. Daisy print is the solution. Image via Pinterest.

You all heard about my love for floral crowns this spring, but my latest of-the-moment love happens to be for all things daisies. Flower children rejoice: Daisy printed items are showing up all over the place right now! They’re feminine, a little 90s, and totally seasonally appropriate…the ideal makings of a super trend, at least in my book. In honor of my weekly wants, here’s a micro list of daisy-covered clothing that I’m currently coveting.

1. Floating Daisy Scarf @Oasis.


 This floral print scarf is so sweet and subtle that you almost miss the daisies! Almost. It’s lightweight and semi-sheer with frayed edges for a charming, carefree vibe.

2. Truly Madly Deeply Daisy Cropped Tee @Urban Outfitters 


So I know $29 is a little steep for a cropped tee, but this stunner from UO is actually perfection. Aside from being super soft, the relaxed boxy crop is virtually a universally flattering fit and the daisies are adorable…not unlike these babies, also from UO 😉

3. Twisted Sunflower Dress @PacSun 


K, I’m guessing that PacSun probably isn’t a place you typically frequent as a twentysomething, and I know that this dress was “co-created” by the Jenner Sisters, but this dress?! So cute. Apparently it sells out almost immediately on the PacSun website whenever they choose to restock it (sizes XS and S are already donezo) so this stunner mayyy just warrant a special trip to everyone’s favorite 8th grade store.

For more daisy print inspiration, including buyable goodness, check out the Pinterest tag HERE. So. Much. Cuteness.

What are you wanting this Wednesday? How do you feel about daisy print?


Liza, Editorial Director


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