DIY It: Alexander Wang-Inspired Gladiator Sandals

I’m totally enamored with gladiator sandals–especially those that graze the knee. Alexander Wang’s take on the gladiator last year featured rather minimalistic straps paired with a big, chunky heel–a look you’ll either love or hate. Brilliant beyond brilliant blogger over at A Pair & A Spare has done something I thought was impossible: creating a DIY version of the A Wang classics that are actually cuter than the originals.

The shoes in that top image? Those were DIY-ed…and it doesn’t even seem hard! With a super-basic pair of H&M flat sandals, leather trim, sharp scissors, glue, studs, and PVC, you too can have your own pair of gladiator boots. While the process may be a little labor-intensive, the materials are cheap, the steps are simple and the end result is phenomenal. Exactly the kind of DIY we love!

Click over to A Pair & A Spare for the complete tutorial.


Liza, Editorial Director


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