Trend Alert! Spoofed: Designer Parody T-Shirts

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that all of us here at Mieux & Mieux are not down with fakes. There’s a distinct difference between full-on fakes (no thanks!), retailers shelling out goods heavily “inspired” by designers (ehh…), and today’s topic: Designer parody shirts.

#trending: designer spoof tees. Why wear Céline when you can céLINE UP THE BITCHES? Image Credit

#Trending: Designer spoof tees. Why wear Céline when you can céLINE UP THE BITCHES? Image Credit

Formerly sold almost exclusively by independent creatives, the designer parody tee has recently reached new heights! Though logo parodies have been a streetwear style staple for years, their mainstream popularity has been given a recent boost after appearing on celebrity and non-celeb cool kids alike this year. Unlike spoof wear of the past, today’s parody apparel, for the most part, focuses on paying homage to ultra high-end designersnot scorning them. In fact, with notoriety at an all-time high, savvy designers and manufacturers alike have attempted to get in on the trend. Céline and Hermes parody shirts are being hawked at Urban Outfitters, designer Brian Lichtenberg released an Hermes-inspired “Homies” line, and NYC-based KTHANKSBYE caused a bit of a stir with Cartier execs with their parody hats. YSL, Chanel, Cartier, Comme Des Garcons, and Versace are all also common parody targets. Even when your designer isn’t a designer, more is always more.

A gem from Lichtenberg's latest collection. Image Credit

A gem from Lichtenberg’s latest collection. Image Credit

I’m typically not so much a fan of graphic or screen-printed tees, but I’m feeling these for sure. It’s like wearing an inside joke. Those in the fashion loop will understand the nod to the original designer creations apparent in parody tees, while the uninitiated will simply see a dope shirt. Win win, as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes it’s cool when fashion doesn’t take itself so seriously. Want in? Simply click through any of the links above or check out this MTV Canada style post for more, plus information on where to shop the trend.

What’s your opinion on the designer parody tee? Would you partake? 


Liza, Editorial Director


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