I Tried It! The Deal With Deo Perfume Candy

I’m a total sucker for product reviews. Before any major or questionable purchase–especially where personal care and beauty products are concerned–I consume information like an absolute fiend. In that spirit, I bring you The Deal! It’s Mieux & Mieux’s brand new product review spotlight. This week, for our first review, we’re tackling Deo Perfume Candy. Read on for the deal!

I first heard about Deo Perfume Candy on an episode of Live With Kelly and Michael last fall and I was instantly curious about it. A candy that somehow makes your skin smell delicious? Love. I knew I had to try the stuff out, and now I finally have!

Backstory: Imported from Bulgaria, Deo Perfume Candy, or just Deo, is marketed as “functional food”–eating a single serving (that’s 2-4 pieces) of the candy is said to leave your skin with a “beautiful rose fragrance”. Sounds pretty dope, right? The product features geraniol, which is an aromatic compound that, when orally consumed, evaporates through the skin. After eating 2-4 pieces of the candy, drinking water and being physically active helps your body to metabolize the geraniol and the fragrance begins to release through the skin for the next 6 hours.

The Deal: Deo Perfume Candy

Taste: Some reviewers have said that Deo tasted powdery or floral, but that wasn’t my experience at all, and I was fully expecting these to taste nasty. They don’t! I mean, potential smell-enhancing benefits aside, I would snack on these, and I don’t even like candy. The light-pink deo tablets are sweet and slightly citrusy with a rosy after taste–like a clementine crossed with rose petals. Not too sugary, and not noticeably floral or medicinal. Just good! This is going to sound totally weird, but if “feminine” were a candy flavor, Deo would embody that.

The Scent: I popped three pieces of Deo (the 4-piece serving size is recommended for a person weighing 145 pounds), drank a bottle of water, did my usual morning chore routine and waited for the effects to kick in. Eventually, they did…Sort of. I love Deo’s flavor and aftertaste though, so I would probably find the stuff tempting to buy even if it didn’t work as a “perfume”. This being said, the label “perfume” isn’t exactly correct for this product. The fragrance left by Deo is very subtle, and it doesn’t smell particularly like roses, or even flowery, to me. If anything, it’s like a very diffused version of crushed rose petals, which with my personal body chemistry, smells really fresh and pretty. Definitely not overpowering or cloying! I can see this being a favorite for low-maintenance chicks and summer beauty babes alike. I’m loving it “layered” with Angel Cake dry oil for sexy, smell-me summer skin. All in all, it’s a cool novelty product. Would I put $5 candy (that’s around $.84 a serving) into my daily beauty rotation? The jury is still out.

Get It!: Currently, Deo Perfume Candy is found exclusively on Amazon.com. It is sold as an add-on item through Alpi Commerce Ltd for $4.99 a pack.

Are you into reviews? What products have been on your recent radar? Let me know what you’re loving and what you’d like to see here!


Liza, Editorial Director


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