Life Meets Style: Lucite Furniture

Lucite Love. Image via Pinterest.

Lucite Love. Image via Pinterest.

There’s something about see-through furniture that just…speaks to me. I love the contrast between classically-styled pieces and the cool edge of lucite. Not only are they super fun and stylish, but they’re so easy! Acrylic furniture fits in just about anywhere, and you’ll never have to worry about color. Another thing I’m loving? The fact that lucite’s complete and total lack of opacity really has the ability to open up a room of any size. In fact, the combination of lucite furniture and lots of mirrors would totally maximize tiny spaces–studios, 1-bedroom apartments, closets, whatever. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so coveting a vintage-styled, lucite-fashioned chair for my next place! If you’re lusting over lucite, check out this piece from Apartment Therapy for buyables and additional inspiration.

How do you feel about lucite?


Liza, Editorial Director


4 thoughts on “Life Meets Style: Lucite Furniture

    • Wow, I love it! I knew clear furniture was versatile, but I didn’t even consider it from that perspective 🙂 All the more reason to get some!

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