What To Wear: The Perfect Summer Shopping Outfit!

Preach, B. Image Credit

Preach, B. Image Credit

Let’s get real: If you’re anything like we are, you’re probably going to spend at least one of this weekend’s days out shopping. It’s totally understandable–with summer sales galore and inklings of fall items just beginning to hit department store floors, the desire to consume couture shouldn’t be ignored! Here, we’ll cover the basics of putting together the ideal outfit for your weekend shopping sesh. Heed our tips and peep our looks! Whether you’re hitting the mall with your girls or simply checking out the boutique scene solo, if you’re perfectly dressed, you’re sure to have a seamless shop every time.

The Perfect Summer Shopping Outfit

Anatomy of a "DO": Summer shopping, perfectly styled.

Anatomy of a “DO”: Summer shopping, perfectly styled.

The pieces: Shorts + Tank Top + Outer Layer + Unobtrusive Flats. Using this formula as a general template, mix and match these items to fit your personal style aesthetic. The shorts and tank should be fitted, but flattering. The outer layer serves a dual purpose: to add dimension and coverage to any potential outfits, and to protect you from overzealous mall AC. Neutral tones give you a distraction-free canvas for try-ons. Finally, unless you’re a woman who’s perpetually running around town in heels, your footwear should be of the flat or low-heeled variety…Comfort, people!

Why it works: In three words, fit, ease, and comfort. Well-fitting shorts and tops highlight the lines of your body, and fitted separates make it easy to try things on inside or outside of a fitting room. In a similar vein, none of the outfit’s elements is complicated, so getting changed is a snap. Last but not least, comfort fuels confidence–if you feel good, you look good. Definitely a theme you want to keep going.

Elements of Influence

This girl is living the dream. Image Credit

This girl is living the dream. Image Credit

Fashion is never one-size-fits all…Neither is your outfit! Here are a few things that can impact your perfect shopping style.

  1. What you’re shopping for. The outfit you wear shopping should take into account the item (or items!) that you plan to buy. For example, you’re probably not going to want to deal with changing in and out of your skinny jeans/tank top/cardigan/boots combo to try on bikinis, nor will you get a quick idea of how a stack of crop tops will fit if you went to the mall wearing a romper. Plan accordingly.
  2. Where you’re going. Consider this: would you dress the same way to go to a play or performance as you would to go to a college football game? Perhaps not. If you’re going shopping  somewhere ritzy, you’ll probably want to trade in your well-worn cut offs for a pair of silk dolphin shorts and ditch your flip flops in favor of strappy sandals. Sucky as it may be, your appearance is a major part the impression you make. Making an effort to dress the part requires minimal effort and the impact it can have on your experience can be significant. Though dressing for your environment doesn’t always ensure better service, it does have the ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease wherever you’re shopping. Besides, when you look hot and feel great leaving the house, it somehow seems to make everything you try on look cute, too. Even if you’re not concerned with meshing with your shopping environment, you may want to take your outfit into consideration during special circumstances. Trunk and sample sales, for example, tend to have either notoriously long dressing room times or no dressing rooms at all! In those situations, you can’t go wrong with a long cardi layered over a strapless tank plus leggings or yogas–the body-conscious fit of your garments allows you to try pieces on directly on the sales floor.
  3. What season it is. This one is simple–different seasons require different shopping outfits! Kiiind of a no-brainer. In any season, though, it’s best to stick with pieces that are well-fitting and that you wear often–this will give you an accurate perception not only of how your in-store finds fit, but also how they could work in your wardrobe. Pieces to avoid wearing for shopping trips in any season: rompers, dresses, footwear you typically wouldn’t wear (whether that’s 5-inch heels or ballet flats!), copious layers, and anything complicated in terms of construction or fastening. Keep it simple, flattering, and genuine and you’re golden.

What do you wear to go shopping? Do you have any scenarios you’d like us to style for? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director


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