Must See: Who Did ‘Blurred’ Better?!

You know that column “Who Wore It Better” that’s in all of the tabloids? Or the “B!*%# Stole My Look” segment on E!’s fashion police? Yeah…This post is just like that–it’s a “Who Did It Better”. Only we’re talking videos. And the video in question is Blurred Lines. You already know how into Blurred Lines I am, but these videos take things to a whole new level. 90s TV + Robin Thicke + YouTube? My mind is officially blown, guys. I’m leaving this one up to you–who did blurred better? “Blurred House”, or “Blurred Cosby”?! Here are both videos for your consideration!

Blurred Cosby

Blurred House


What other 90s shows would you like to see get a ‘Blurred Lines’ remix? …Step by Step? The Proud Family? Home Improvement? The possibilities are endless! Most importantly, though, who did it best?! Leave a comment below and weigh in with your vote!


Liza, Editorial Director


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