Loving It: Summer Bath & Body Goodness with Carol’s Daughter ‘Angel Cake’ Dry Oil


When you think of beauty brand Carol’s Daughter, the first thing that probably comes to mind is hair care, and reasonably so. The company was first launched by Lisa Price, who mixed essential oils and natural moisturizers to create gifts–and especially hair products–for her friends. Today, Carol’s Daughter specializes in bath and body goods that cater to women with diverse skin types, tones, and needs: There’s leave-in conditioner, bath gel, and black vanilla shampoo…In short,  something for everyone! My favorite Carol’s Daughter product, however, isn’t for hair. It’s her Angel Cake Dry Oil Mist, for that bod of yours (and by yours, of course, I mean mine.)

Carol's Daughter: It's not just for hair care anymore! Image via Pinterest.

Carol’s Daughter: It’s not just for hair care anymore! Image via Pinterest.

First things first: Angel Cake doesn’t smell anything like angel food cake…it smells way better. The mist is scented with nutmeg, Moroccan rose, and Tahitian vanilla, which ends up leaving a delicious sultry-sweet fragrance on your skin. It isn’t at all overpowering, and the subtle fragrance lingers all day long. It smells delicious, and it’s more multidimensional and less gourmand than many vanilla-based scents out there. Of course, much of the beauty in this product is that it isn’t a perfume at all–it’s a dry oil! What does that mean, exactly? Basically, this product works as a conditioner for your skin. It scents it, yes, but it also leaves your limbs smooth and glowing while doing so. The official product description is right on when they say that this, “adds a lightly scented layer of moisture to skin”. Summer perfection! Use this all season long–indulge anytime you don’t want to slather on a heavy body cream or lotion, but still want a bit of dewiness. Get it while you can! The scent is super tough to find online.



What are your favorite summer beauty products? Have you tried dry oils? Share your thoughts on all things beauty below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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