Sunday Night Style Inspiration: Swim Fan

My Pinterest feed was looking especially beautiful tonight, so I found it rather difficult to narrow this post down to a single, stand-out sartorial statement. Right now, I’m gravitating towards blush, floaty silhouettes, festival garb, and especially fabulous accessories. When I saw this sporty snap from Elle, however, I was instantly intrigued. Typically, I wouldn’t pair the words “activewear” and “chic”, but this black and white beach look is exactly that. The high waist, cropped top combination is immensely flattering, and the achromatic color scheme almost oozes sophistication–a rare find on most beaches these days. Even more interesting? The look is totally affordable! After clicking through to Elle’s piece, I got the styling details: The cropped turtleneck is by American Apparel, $28, and the nylon-blend retro bottoms are by Volcom, for only $48. Though Elle published the online content that featured this photo last year, both elements in this beach-fit are almost more trendy come 2013–you’ll have no trouble finding similar bottoms, and even the exact pictured top, in stores this summer. An obvious mega bonus: With prices this reasonable, you don’t even need look for less options. Attainable, affordable, and on-trend? Pretty sure this style inspiration couldn’t be better.


Liza, Editorial Director


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