Mani Monday: Sweetheart Nails on Chiara Ferragni

Lately, this image of subtly-heart shaped manicure has been showing up everywhere I go online! I first saw it on Instagram’s popular page. The next thing I know, it’s on my Tumblr dash, then pops up randomly on Pinterest…I even saw it on Facebook on Friday! Not to get too cheesy or anything, but I totally understand the love–this sweetheart mani is dope! The deets? Scare, unfortunately! What I did manage to ascertain though, is that the manicure in question was first posted on Instagram and is being sported by Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad fame.

Spill your secrets, Ferragni! Image Credit

Spill your secrets, Ferragni! Image Credit

I’m not sure if  it’s a professional nail job or if everyone’s favorite Blonde DIY-ed it, but I love the on-purpose imperfection that this manicure seems to embrace. That, and the fact that Chiara chose the perfect shade of red and rocked hearts months after Valentine’s day make this look a winner for me. Even though I couldn’t dig up the particulars of Ferragni’s manicure, I did find some killer tutorials for getting a similar ‘heart on’ look. Check these out if you want to steal this style for your own Mani Monday!

Steal Her Style: Heart-Shaped Manicure Tutorials

Heart Tips Tutorial @Mr. Kate

DIY Heart Nails @StyleBistro

A Velvet Heart Manicure Video Tutorial by makeupKari @YouTube

DIY Heart Manicure @Nightcap TV

What do you think of this manicure, Mieuxs? Would you rock heart-shaped nails? Share your opinion with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director

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