Hot or Not: The Patriotic Bikini

With Independence Day less than a week away, the style conscious crowd probably has 4th of July ensembles on the brain! The piece in question  today–the patriotic bikini–is one that seems to make an annual appearance. After all, if there’s one time and place that seems appropriate to don an all-American look, it’s the 4th!

For a minute (read: about three years) when I was growing up, all of the cool kids (read: everyone and his or her mom) wore the same thing on the 4th of July: A flag-emblazoned standard tee from Old Navy. In 2013, however, patriotism has gotten a bit more…chic. Or at least as chic as stars and stripes can be! The flag bikini is a simple, inexpensive way to add a touch of Americana to any summer look, but it’s a piece that’s often rather polarizing. One set of girls loves the flag-kini–they’re seasonable, a little bold, and have a particular sex appeal when paired with cut-offs and a cowboy hat. Other women, however, wouldn’t be caught in a flag bikini if their lives depended on it! Some naysayers find the article too costumey, only wearable for a day or two out of the year, or even totally inappropriateSo… which camp are YOU in?!

Buyable: American Flag Swimwear

If you’re into this look, here’s a sampling of pieces you can purchase right now. Who knows–with rush delivery, you may even be able to rock one for Thursday’s barbecue!

Xhilaration 2-Piece Reversible Bikini Swimsuit @Target

American Flag Monokini @GoJane

American Flag Bow Bandeau by MayraFabuleux @Etsy

Freedom Flag Bikini Set @GoJane

All American Girl Flag High-Waisted Bikini by Meshalo @Etsy

An American Piece Bandeau Halter Bikini by Tipsy Gypsy @Luulla

What’s your opinion on patriotic swimwear, Mieuxs? Would you rock a stars and stripes-covered swimmie, or any other piece of clothing for that matter? Is the flag bikini HOT or NOT? Share your thoughts with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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