Requested: The Deal with Disney Bounding!

Confession: When I first heard the suggestion to write about Disney Bounding, I had no idea what that meant. Up until last night, I didn’t even know that Disney Bounding existed! With a little investigation, though, I was able to figure a few things out…

What is Disney Bounding?

Plot twist: Guys can Disney bound too! Prince Eric is by far my favorite prince, and this outfit is spot-on. Image Credit

Plot twist: Guys can Disney bound too! Prince Eric is by far my favorite prince, and this outfit is spot-on. Image Credit

At it’s most basic, Disney Bounding is the intersection of fashion and Disney. One essentially styles themselves as their favorite Disney character, attraction, or concept using modern-day clothing. So, while you’re “dressing up”, you aren’t actually in a costume–the key to Disney Bounding is embodying the look of anything Disney while dressing in clothes that you pulled from your closet or any standard retailer. Seems pretty simple, right?

Who’s Doing It?


A lot of people, apparently! Blogger Leslie Kay coined the term when she  started “DisneyBound“,  a Tumblr page that she claims is, “where fashion geeks and Disney nerds collide.” Since it’s inception, Disney Bound has become super popular, leading copycat fans to conceptualize Kay’s penchant for creating Disney-inspired outfits into Disney bounding. Disney bounding is now something that’s done by a lot of people: people who simply love Disney, girls headed to Disney parks, bloggers doing themed wardrobe posts, even couples shooting their engagement photos. Since Disney bounding can be as subtle or as extreme as one chooses, it’s a style of dress that’s highly adjustable and easily tailored to just about any comfort level or situation.

Disney Bounding In Action!

You’ve seen the fab Disney Bound Polyvore sets and DB pinboards, but to truly understand Disney Bounding, you must really see it in action. Here are some of my favorite Disney bounds, discovered via Instagram! Because yeah, there’s a #disneybounding hashtag, too.

Cole & Company Disney Bounding as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Peter Pan

Fun fact: you can Disney bound anywhere! Cole posted this photo of himself and a trio of girlfriends channeling their favorite characters on their last dress-up day in their Jazz class, so the trend isn’t just for theme park visits or

Christina Disney Bounding as Mr. Smee from Peter Pan

Just because you love Disney doesn’t mean you have to put on a ball gown and channel Belle! You can choose any character and emulate their style, as Christina shows with her Mr. Smee Disney Bound. And, even though she chose a character who’s her opposite gender, her  Disney bounding look isn’t particularly manly.

Kathy Disney Bounding as Dory from Finding Nemo

Kathy’s take on Dory may be my favorite Disney bound of the bunch! I love how subtle this is–an unassuming person on the street probably wouldn’t guess that this outfit is Disney-inspired, but it IS, and it’s totally cute and well done.

Honorable Mention:

Finally, did you know that Mieux & Mieux takes requests?! We do! This very post was requested by one of our lovely shoppers! If you have a topic, trend, or fashion question you’d like to see covered on this blog, please don’t hesitate to let us know! You can leave us a comment on Facebook or Instagram, send us a tweet, or comment at the bottom of any post. We’ve got you covered, babes.

Are you a big Disney fan? Have you heard of Disney bounding? Would you try it? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director

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