Pop Culture Blast: Magic School Bus Crew Grows Up, Looks Hot

Seat belts, everyone! If you were a 90s kid and didn’t watch and love PBS’ smash hit Magic School Bus, there may be something wrong with you (or your childhood). Major, major shout out to the ever-fabulous Refinery 29 for making us aware of this story: Nebraska artist Celeste–of Tumblr fame–has given the Magic School Bus crew a new, age-appropriate look for the 21st century! Not only has the entire grade school cast been animated into twentysomethings, but they’re also quite the little group of hotties. Don’t even lie–you know you totally want to see them!

Typical Arnold. Image Credit

Typical Arnold. Image Credit

I’m posting Ralphie, Phoebe, and The Frizz’s illustrations here (since they’re my faves), but you should definitely click over to Celeste Doodles to see all of your favorite fictional classmates’ makeovers.


Image courtesy of Celeste Doodles.

Image courtesy of Celeste Doodles.

Babe Alert! I always had a mild-to-moderate cartoon crush on Ralphie when I was little…This grown-up persona seems about right. Arnold, however, may give him a run for his money. Just sayin’.


Image courtesy of Celeste Doodles.

Image courtesy of Celeste Doodles.

OMG how annoying was Phoebe?! Like, no one cares what you did at your old school, beezy! Anyway, I always used to confused Phoebe with Dorothy Ann, because “Dorothy Ann” just sounds like a more annoying name than “Phoebe”, right?

Ms. Frizzle 

Image courtesy of Celeste Doodles.

Image courtesy of Celeste Doodles.

This one is perfect, too! Crazy accessories, cropped curly bob, and a shirt with the periodic table? Just so right. The Fizz looks like a swagged-out college professor, and potentially a cougar. If only Celeste had posted an updated Liz!

Are you loving the updates to the MSB crew? What other cartoon characters would you want to see all grown up?! Leave a comment and let us know! For a peek at Celeste’s take on the entire Magic School Bus cast and other awesomely random art, click over to her Tumblr, Celeste Doodles.  


Liza, Editorial Director

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