Must Watch: DIY a Summer Bow Bandeau from SecretLifeOfaBioNerd!

DIY junkies, this one’s for you! YouTube personality SecretLifeOfaBioNerd uploaded this amazing fashion tutorial that is a Mieux & Mieux must watch for craft stars and the non-DIY-inclined alike! As we’ve discussed in depth on the blog, cropped tops are a major do for the season, and the bow bandeau K.L. creates in this video is actually cuter than many recent offerings I’ve seen in stores! Bonus: it’s reversible, totally customizable, and because you made it yourself, intensely personal. What’s not to love?! If there were ever a time to attempt a more advanced DIY, it’s now! Though this tutorial may require a bit more effort and technical expertise than classic no-sew vids, the style payoff offered by the finished piece is MA-JOR. K.L. walks you through each and every step of production and even offers further tips and provides links to her patterns in the video’s description. Check out the DIY and get inspired!

For more stylish videos, make sure to check out K.L. @SecretLifeOfaBioNerd on Youtube! Will you be attempting this bandeau? Prefer a more simple style project? Have any videos (fashion or otherwise!) that you consider must-watch worthy? Let me know with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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