The Click: 06/16 – 06/23


Spending your Sunday shopping? Here are the three summer items you need to buy according to Who What Wear.

When you look closely, it becomes pretty obvious that the REAL show stoppers of the Met Ball this year were the insane manicures. See and swoon over the best celeb nails over at StylEnigma!

According to Paper Magazine, summer’s hottest bag can be found at your dad’s favorite store.

So this is cool: when you dress up classical sculptures in hipster clothing, they suddenly become a lot more interesting and badass.

Yeezus. Here’s a video of Scott Disick recreating American Psycho to promote Kanye’s new album.

More Yeezy: The Crosby Press chronicles West’s style.

Don’t lie–you’d totally be more motivated to work out if you had these designer gym accessories.

Rachel Wilkerson has the cutest beehive ever, shows you how to get one too.

Tales of this wedding gift debacle have been all over the internet this week…which side are you on?

Buzzfeed gives us another classic: 18 snacks you can make with a mug and a microwave. BRB, getting fat.

This post from Refinery 29 combines weddings and working off those snack calories, but promises a super effective workout for brides and non-brides alike.

Last but not least, if you dream of working in fashion, this 10-tip post on landing your fashion dream job from Who What Wear is a must read.


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