Must Watch: 10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials from BeautyCrush!

Beauty vlogger Samantha Maria, better known simply as BeautyCrush, is one of YouTube’s most relatable personalities. The UK twenty-something frequently shares hair and makeup tips and tricks, beauty and shopping hauls, styling guides, and casual vlogs for her thousands of subscribers. I love her! I’ve been following Sam’s videos for over a year now, and hers (that’s her beauty channel and her vlog channel) have remained two of my favorites to tune into. Aside from her obvious beauty expertise, Samantha also has an excellent eye for fashion and a killer sense of personal style. She’s also incredibly personable, cute, and down-to-earth. After you’ve watched one of her videos, you’ll probably feel like you want to get to know this girl…and after watching a few more of her vlogs, you actually feel like you do. So yeah–that’s pretty cool.

Just Sam being adorable, nbd. Image via Instagram @thebeautycrush.

Just Sam being adorable, nbd. Image via Instagram @thebeautycrush.

If you’ve never watched one of Sam’s videos, this styling vid on summer wardrobe essentials will serve as an excellent introduction to The Beauty Crush. Of course, if you have seen her videos, you’ll appreciate this one simply from a fashion perspective because her picks are spot on! It’s officially a Mieux & Mieux Must Watch!

Like? For more videos from Sam, make sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel, @beautycrush!

Are you familiar with Beauty Crush? What do you think of Samantha’s picks? What are your summer must-haves? Clue me in with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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