Mieux & Mieux Beauty Moment: Dior’s New (Non-Polish!) Nail Product


High-end polishes and couture-inspired varnishes are a dime a dozen these days, but Dior is aiming to shake things up! The latest addition to their Spring 2013 cosmetics line, Dior Nail Glow, isn’t a polish at all: It’s a treatment. I first heard about Dior’s Nail Glow formula, a unique nail elixir that promises to totally transform nails in a single step, from an email from Sephora. I was instantly curious. Any time a product claims to be “right” for everyone–that is, it somehow adapts to your shade, brings out different pigments, or is magically universally flattering–I’m always both interested and suspicious. This Dior stuff was no different. In the pictures from the newsletter, and on Sephora’s site after clicking through their links, the polish appeared rosey and translucent…Pretty, but not exactly worthy of a $24 price tag. But of course, it’s not the color you’re paying for!

What sets Dior apart from the competition is that Dior Nail Glow is a new breed of nail product–It’s a nail enhancer. More specifically, it’s an “all in one french manicure treatment.” The “glow” in the product name refers to the “shiny finish and healthy-glow effect” one purportedly achieves upon application. In a single step (no topcoat needed!), DNG is supposed to make the whites of your nails whiter and the pinks pinker, all with overall enhanced shine and without professional assistance. Does it work? According to my research (that is, a lot of strategic googling and blog reading,) signs point to yes! …Sorta. While reviewers agree that the treatment does enhance their nails, it doesn’t offer a salon-quality French mani look at home. Then again, when was the last time a French manicure was cool?! Instead, the consensus seems to be that a coat of Glow simply enhances the overall appearance of the nail, making fingertips appear healthy, pretty, and polished.  Though it’s sheer, the rose “glow” really does seem to make a difference in adding a romantic, feminine touch to bare nails, and after looking through tons of swatches, I can attest that it is pretty universally flattering and does have it’s own unique pink glowiness on each woman’s hand.

A subtly-sheer rose glow with Dior Nail Glow. For more images of the treatment on real women's nails, make sure to click through the links included throughout this post! Image via Pinterest.

A subtly-sheer rose glow with Dior Nail Glow. For more images of the treatment on real women’s nails, make sure to click through the links included throughout this post! Image via Pinterest.

Personally, I tend to be pretty all-or-nothing when it comes to nails–either my digits are meticulously polished and maintained or they’re totally bare and super short–so a product like this just might be my perfect middle ground. The look is bare, but better…not unlike the now-discontinued Neutrogena Instant Nail Enhancer pen that I was so fond of in my middle school years! With a sheer wash of color and shine and no noticeable chips or cracks, Dior Nail Glow seems like a low-maintenance solution to achieving a high-maintenance look. I’m seriously hoping that Nail Glow is a success just so other more affordable polish brands jump on the nail treatment bandwagon and cop Dior’s formula! Seriously. For busy girls, enhanced nails are the best nails.

Would you try Dior Nail Glow? Do you know of any other nail “enhancers”? What are your favorite polish shades for summer? Let me know with a comment!


Liza, Editorial Director


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