Want It Wednesday: Random Outfit Inspiration via TZR

Is it possible that I don’t actually want anything this Wednesday?!

Spoiler alert: Nope.

I keep a (small-ish) ongoing wish list of my current fashion cravings on my desktop for times like these, but it seems that they are all things that I’ve either covered in previous WIW posts, or have discussed in detail in some other facet on the blog. So, this Wednesday, we’re digging deep. What I want isn’t as obvious as pair of Weitzman gladiators, a vintage kimono jacket, or a fresh pair of Keds. No. This Wednesday, I want the entire outfit pictured in the last edition of Rachel Zoe’s “The ZOE Report” newsletter

Rachel does it again--I want all of this outfit. Well, minus the earrings...I have sensitive ears. Image via The ZOE Report.

Rachel does it again–I want all of this outfit. Well, minus the earrings…I have sensitive ears. Image via The ZOE Report.

The interesting thing about this particular pick is that I don’t specifically want any of the exact items featured (except the Topshop boots, those are amazing) ! I already own some similar pieces–a chambray button-up that I may or may not wear three days a week, a pair of black denim shorts, and some ankle boots that could work in a pinch. Before seeing Rachel (or her team of ZMG minions or whoever) pair those items together, however, I wouldn’t have ever thought to combine them for a “stylish summer night” look. Aaand even though I already own apparel that is similar, I’m still totally crushing on those faded/destroyed Ksubi denim shorts and the aforementioned boots, so I’m going to go ahead and say that this “Want It” pick, though more about sheer fashion inspiration, is appropriate. So, will I be spending to satisfy my Wednesday wants? No! But because I already have this stuff in my closet, I’ll still be stylish. Sometimes it’s the little things.

…And that means more $$$ for other random have-to-have-it purchases.

What are you wanting this Wednesday?


Liza, Editorial Director


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