Adventures in DIY: How to Fix a Broken-ish Zipper

Zipper issues suck. They are the worst. And I have a particular pair of black shorts with an extremely janky zipper. It’s not actually broken, but it acts like it is. No matter what I do, the zipper on those bad boys will never stay all the way up! There aren’t missing links and the zipper isn’t off of the “track” or anything, but for some reason, whenever I get to the top, there’s no latch–we’re talking total and complete absence of that magical little click that keeps the zipper in it’s place. What’s a girl to do? Well, this one tweeted about it.

The struggle is real, guys.

The struggle is real, guys.

Thankfully, one of my awesome followers Sarah had a solution…


Such sage advice! Twitter and Pinterest save the day.

Genius, right? It’s kind of amazing how a 140-character tweet can provide such a perfect solution! Knowing that that little life hack had come directly from Pinterest, however, sparked some interest. After doing a little digging, I found a pin that linked to this ThriftyFun post that outlines the ins-and-outs of DIY zipper maintenance, including the hair tie technique Sarah mentioned above. What popped up even more frequently however, was a pin from Craftzine

An awesome pictorialon how to fix your own janky zipper, courtesy of a jump ring. And, of course, Pinterest and Craftzine.

Another Pinterest-found fashion fix: This awesome pictorial on how to makeover your  janky zipper, courtesy of a jump ring. And, of course, Pinterest and Craftzine.

An equally simple, economical, and effective solution. If you’d like written directions, there’s a pin for that too! Of course, even if you’re having more serious zipper problems, Pinterest offers up a solution: This tutorial from Instructables shows you how to tackle the classic broken zipper, without a replacement. And, if for some reason none of the above links proved useful in conquering your pants problem, you now have an official reason to go shopping. Zipper issues, you’re done!

Has Pinterest ever gotten you out of a bind? What clothing issues do you need to have answered? Let me know…and feel free to share your favorite fashion life hacks below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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