The Jam: ‘Blurred Lines’ – Robin Thicke, Pharrell, & T.I.

I know you want it.

I know you want it.

Blurred Lines isn’t new. It isn’t obscure. But it is THE jam. I’ll be totally honest here–I originally felt the same way about Blurred Lines as I currently do about Britney’s latest, “Ooh La La”: ehhhh. I mean, if you really listen to it, it sounds rather demented. The instrumental backing track reminds me of a 50s television show crossed with a video game remix gone wrong. This bothered me.  I almost found it uncomfortable to listen to! Listen, I like Robin Thicke (enough). I love Pharrell. T.I. is fine. But Blurred Lines? That I did not love. It legitimately took me around five listens, three video views (two were the “unrated” version), and two TV commercial sightings before I began to actually appreciate the greatness that is this song. And now? Now I’m straight-up obsessed.

Here’s what did it: Those. Lyrics. These, for example…

“You wanna hug me/

What rymhes with hug me”

…and then there’s this part of the video.

Genius. Still not convinced? I feel you. But listen to it. Again. Watch the video. Listen again…You’re probably half way there. Here it is again, just in case. (It’s the safe-er version, of course.)

Robin Thicke’s album, also entitled “Blurred Lines”, is set to release at the end of July. Are you feeling Blurred Lines as a song? What’s your jam this week? Sound of with a comment below!


Liza, Editorial Director


3 thoughts on “The Jam: ‘Blurred Lines’ – Robin Thicke, Pharrell, & T.I.

    • Catchy is definitely the right adjective! That “hey hey hey” part gets stuck in my head all day! 🙂

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