Want It Wednesday: Lusting over LUSH!

Want It Wednesday: Love, Lust, and LUSH. Image Credit

Want It Wednesday: Love, Lust, and LUSH. Image Credit

This week’s WIW pick isn’t a single, solitary, arbitrary piece of clothing, fabulous accessory, or pair of shoes. This week, and every week really, I want it all. So today, there’s no holding back–I’m totally lusting over all things LUSH. Purveyors of “fresh, handmade cosmetics,” LUSH offers bath and body products–as well as a slew of hair and makeup goodies–that are packed full of awesome natural ingredients and essential oils. So, not only does their stuff smell phenomenal, but they’re also super pampering and earth-and-animal friendly. Love that. Though I’m crushing on virtually every item in their catalog, for the sake of time (and to spare you all from what could turn into a 5000 word post) I’ve narrowed down my focus into three specific products I’m currently coveting. This Wednesday, this is what I want.

Sunny Side Bubble Bar

Sunny Side Bubble Bar, 3.5 oz, $7.25 @LUSH. Image via Pinterest.

Sunny Side Bubble Bar, 3.5 oz, $7.25 @LUSH. Image via Pinterest.

If I made a top ten list of things I love in life, baths and glitter would likely both make the top 5. Lush’s Sunny Side  bubble bar combines both of these things. You crumble the super-sparkly bar into running water and it unleashes it’s glory, creating “shimmery golden waters” and smells of orange, tangerine, and lemon. The bar provides gentle moisture, subtly scented skin, and a warm, soft glow. Oh, and endless bubbles, of course! Waters of liquid gold, pretty skin, and a bath that smells like summer? Sign me up.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, 6.3 oz, $6.65 @LUSH. Image via Pinterest.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, 6.3 oz, $6.65 @LUSH. Image via Pinterest.

Surprise! It’s another bath product. I totally can’t help myself. Bath bombs are, in a word, bomb! Who doesn’t love that instant rush of fizz, fragrance, and color?! Only a hater, that’s who. LUSH’s Sex Bomb is kind of legendary in the bath and body world, and bath bombs also happen to be one of LUSH’s founding products, so obviously they know what they’re doing. Sex Bomb is a pinky-purple rose ball, scented with jasmine, clary sage, and ylang ylang.  The floral fragrance it releases is said to linger on the skin for mere moments post-soak, but to make bathrooms smell delicious for hours. If you’re a girly-girl (like I am!) you’ll also appreciate that Sex Bomb turns your bath water a bright pink and purple after dissolving. While Sex Bomb isn’t exceptionally fizzy, it compensates with the rosette center, which expands into rice paper rose petals that float around the bath. Super feminine and luxurious–I’m obsessed.

Chou Chou I Love You Toothy Tab

Chou Chou...I Love You Toothy Tab, 0.3oz,  $4.95 @Lush. Image via Pinterest.

Chou Chou…I Love You Toothy Tab, 0.3oz, $4.95 @Lush. Image via Pinterest.

As much as I would have loved to keep this list entirely bath focused, variety is as they say, the spice of life. Though I’m totally addicted to Crest Glamourous White toothpaste, (it’s a pretty serious addiction when you know your toothpaste by name without a second thought, right?) I’m quite curious about these new “toothy tabs” from LUSH. The idea? Toothy tabs are miniature pellets of fresh, natural solid toothpaste. Crunch one up between your front teeth and it foams and lathers just like traditional toothpaste. Then, just brush, rinse, and go! Not only does this sound really weird and cool, but I can totally see how it would be useful while traveling or tucked into a purse. Toothy Tabs come in a variety of flavors, but I’m crushing on Chou Chou because it’s a blend of lemon and rose petal, so you’re left sweet and fresh after brushing. Reviews on LUSH’s site boast excellent cleaning power, subtle whitening, and lack of icky after-taste for these, too. A novelty? Maybe. But I’m definitely down to try them out!

Do you have a favorite LUSH product? Have you tried any of my picks? What are you wanting this Wednesday? Leave a comment and let me know!


Liza, Editorial Director

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