Mieux & Mieux Beauty Moment: Moody Mani Monday


Manicure lovers, this one’s for you! In nail polish news, Refinery 29 recently spilled the beans on Orly’s new color-changing topcoat, aptly named ‘Shade Shifter‘. The gel-based formula goes on over your already-painted nails, where it then shifts it’s shade (duh) from light to dark depending on your temperature…It’s basically the super-chic, 2013 update to the of mood ring–“clear if you’re hot, dark if you’re not,” as Orly so eloquently states.

Though I’m not usually one to invest in untraditional nail trends (with the exception of mattefying polish a few years back–that I loved) Shade Shifter seems like it wouldn’t be a bad way to upgrade an otherwise basic salon manicure since we’re already all about the gel mani these days! Plus, Shade Shifter not only seems like a simple way to sport two entirely different-looking manicures in the same day–without totally wrecking your nails–but also opens the door for super creative DIY color jobs. Just think: Color changing tips? Gradient effect? Disappearing nail designs? The possibilities are pretty endless. For a super-sneak peek at swatches of Orly’s entire Gel FX line, Shade Shifter included, check out the posts on this thread over at PurseForum!


As of right now, Shade Shifter is being billed as a “salon only” product, but you can find it on Amazon and eBay with a little digging! Just search “Orly Gel FX Shade Shifter”. Shifty’s never looked so good 😉

What do you think or color-changing nail polish? Would you try Shade Shifter? Any new nail trends or tricks you’d like to see here? Leave a note and let us know!


Liza, Editorial Director


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