The Click: 06/02 – 06/09


Make yourself over in a minute or less with these beauty tips from SELF!

“Kibble” for people officially exists–that is, a single “food” providing all of our nutritional and caloric needs–but will it become the smart food of the future? And (maybe more importantly,) is actually palatable? Gawker reports, and taste tests, Soylent.

This piece on the major perks of riding solo in terms of traveling from NYT’s T Magazine blog is best summed up in it’s opening statement: “Why suffer through grumbling vacations with others when it’s so much more blissful to go it alone?”

We’re still geeked over Gatsby, so this (faux) book report from a kid who only saw the movie on Jezebel was bomb.

Stop your quarter-life crisis in it’s tracks with this awesome advice from ELLE.

Also helpful: This list of immediate mood boosters from Chickrx.

If you hate drinking plain, unflavored h2o, bookmark this recipe for “sassy water” from 5 Style High! Love.

Finally, from The Skinny Confidential, a post on saying NO to dreaded tadpole brows, once and for all!

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