Saturday Night Struggles: Fashion + Weather Dilemma Edition

Being a Minnesota-Mieux, my number one concern as of late–fashion or otherwise–is our concerning lack of summer. Not only have we been dealt a cooler-than-average season, but we’re also dealing with what seems to be a total and complete absence of sunny days. Will we ever get to go out on the lake or spend days by the pool? Does the bikini body exist if there’s no one there to see it? The jury is still out.

Voltage 2013, image courtesy of First Ave. Is this even really a summer event since it doesn't feel like summer?!

Voltage 2013, image courtesy of First Ave. Is this even really a summer event since it doesn’t feel like summer?!

Tonight, I’m headed to Voltage: Fashion Amplified, an annual local style and music extravaganza held at First Ave. It’s basically this huge badass party/concert/runway show that goes all night and is thrown by MNFashion. Anyway, when I bought my Voltage tickets almost two months ago, I assumed that it would be, you know, decent by now in terms of weather. I wouldn’t have to worry about slush or snow or covering up my dress (because for me, summer = dresses) with a parka. Unfortunately for me–and for any other Minnesotan with a desire to look relatively cute this season–though we’re not battling a blizzard, our current climate is pretty disgusting. It’s currently 68°, humid, and getting cloudier by the second. Tonight, it will probably rain. So…What the hell are we supposed to wear?! These are the options I’m seeing for myself…

  1. Say F#*& it and wear a dress and potentially freeze/get drenched. 
  2. Wear some sort of shorts/romper/tights combination.
  3. Give in (AKA give up) and go for jeans. 
This is what I'm in for tonight! I'd only be more excited if I knew I'd be wearing a cute outfit.

This is what I’m in for tonight! I’d only be more excited if I knew I’d be wearing a cute outfit.

Boo, weather! The event is only a few hours away and I still haven’t made a concrete decision about how to dress myself for the occasion. I’m so torn, guys! Whatever I end up wearing, I’ll make sure to take inventory of the other looks and ensembles being rocked tonight and report back! Hopefully seeing how other people dress for less-than-ideal weather conditions will make it easier for all of us next time we’re facing a fashion/weather dilemma.

How do you dress for big events on rainy days? What are your tips for keeping it cute when the weather refuses to cooperate? I’d love to hear your suggestions!


Liza, Editorial Director


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