The Obsesh: Heart-Shaped Sunnies

20130605-223309.jpgWhat I want most in life right now is a fresh pair of heart-shaped sunnies. And the fact that my queen Lana is wearing them…ugh, I just can’t. They might be a tad bit garish, but given the proper time and place, they are as retro glam as it gets. Think about it: retro cut-offs, a 50s sweetheart bikini top, and these by the poolside?
What do you think? Fab or drab?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest


One thought on “The Obsesh: Heart-Shaped Sunnies

  1. heart-shaped sunnies are defff my jam!! i found the perfect pair last summer at urban (they were identical to lana’s above), but they broke in august–worst day ever–and by then they weren’t in stores anymore! BUT! i just recently found a replacement pair that are just like them at nordstrom! plus they were from their new savvy dept, so they were only $12! def check there if you’re in the market for some!

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