Team Nicole Forever: I’m All Over #CandidlyNicole (And You Should Be, Too!)

Hey, lady. Image Credit

Hey, lady. Image Credit

Ever since I first laid eyes upon The Simple Life in 2004, I have had a mad girl crush on Nicole Richie. I’ve read her books. I buy her House of Harlow jewelry. I watch her on Fashion Star. I obsess over Winter Kate. I follow her on Instagram. In short it’s been almost 10 years and, I’m still a complete and total Nicole Richie fiend. Casually, of course.Ā 

Though I’ve considered Nicole one of my ultimate sources of style inspiration since her days as a Rachel Zoe glambaby, my love for the pint-sized star was originally sparked by her extreme sass. I mean, how else could a show that starred Paris Hilton be anywhere near watchable or entertaining? Nicole Richie is hilarious. And she’s also kind of evil! This combination is, in a word, perfection.

...See what I mean? Image Credit

…See what I mean? Image Credit

Nicole’s Twitter account is one of the few celebrity feeds I actually enjoy scrolling through on the regular because homegirl is shameless and I love it. I’m not alone–Nicole has amassed over four-million followers. But we want more, we want more! Thankfully, AOL has teamed up with Richie to give us just that–her very own Twitter-inspired web series, “#CandidlyNicole“.Each episode provides a tiny peek into Richie’s world, which AOL says, “shares her perspective on style, parenting, relationships and her journey to adulthood.” When you put it that way, it sounds kinda boring, buuut six episodes into the first season and Nicole has given someone a salon ambush makeover, gotten drag queen tips from Ru Paul, and learned the latest slang (turnt up) from her teenage sister, so yeah, it’s definitely entertaining. See for yourself, though! Here’s the first (NSFW-ish) episode: Tramp Stamp Removal.

So yeah…Team Nicole forev.Ā 


Liza, Editorial Director


7 thoughts on “Team Nicole Forever: I’m All Over #CandidlyNicole (And You Should Be, Too!)

  1. I love her as well although not quite as much as you do. i personally love the Tramp Stamp episode and the one in the flower shop is a classic. i agree 100% with @The Pocket Issue.

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