Fashion News: Lululemon Brings Luon Back

Just a quick post to alert you to Tuesday’s breaking fashion news…Lululemon is bringing Luon back! What’s Luon, you ask? Only Lululemon’s signature stretchy black fabric–purported by some to have magical ass-enhancing properties.

The bottoms were originally pulled from shelves (both in-store and online) amidst “sheergate” this March, when consumers discovered that their pants were rather transparent. Lululemon has apparently made some “big time” changes in the production and quality control aspects involved in the creation of their new-and-improved Luon digs: the pattern has undergone a re-design and have been “re-engineered” to minimize stretching, university scientists were asked to develop a “sheer-o-meter” scale to measure the pants’ transparency in varying  degrees of stretch. If that wasn’t enough, all of the Luon bottoms now undergo 15 new “tests” before delivery. So, if you were worried about sheer yogas, it’s safe to step back into your local Lulu store.

Welcome back, Luon. Image Credit

According to Lululemon, yoga is safe again! Welcome back, Luon. Image Credit

…Of course, the company issued a caveat (slash deflection?), stating: “Let’s get real about sheerness. Luon is a knit fabric–if you strech a knit fabric far enough, it will go sheer. That’s why the right fit is key.” In other words, it’s you, not their pants.

Will you be trying Luon 2.0? How does all of this make you feel about Lululemon? Let us know your thoughts with a comment below!


Liza, Editorial Director


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