Fashion News: Jockey Says ‘See Ya Never’ to Traditional Cup Sizes

It’s not everyday that a company aims to change a century-old sizing system, but that’s exactly what underwear giant Jockey International is aiming to doAlphabetical cup sizes teamed with numerical band sizes? Please. So twothousandandlate. 

Well, when you put it that way... Image via Jockey.

Well, when you put it that way… Image via Jockey.

Jockey’s new sizing method–The Volumetric Fit System –spent eight years in the making and aims to provide women with the perfect-fitting bra. Instead of using traditional A-B-C-D cup sizes, Jockey’s system works by measuring the volume of a woman’s breast, and teaming that measurement with an under-bust measurement…The closest thing you can get to total customization with an off-the-rack piece. There are 10 volumetric cup sizes, and Jockey claims that once you find your size, all of Jockey’s will fit you the same way, no matter their style. In introducing this new sizing system, Jockey states not only that they’ll be able cater to a wider range of female sizes than ever before, but that their system also takes into account the fact that breasts themselves come in all shapes and sizes.

Kiss your 34B goodbye. Image via Jockey.

Kiss your 34B goodbye. Image via Jockey.

So, how does one find her new “perfect” fit? This is where it gets weird: Plastic measuring cups. Yep. Measuring cups. For your boobs. Take each cup for a test drive–the one that feels comfortable and provides coverage sans any “spillage” is your official volumetric cup size. Told you it was weird! Of course, the whole reinvention of bras-size-as-we-know-it thing is exclusive to Jockey, so don’t expect to see the new volume-based measurements being used by VS or La Perla anytime soon. This being said, variety, options, and…umm...innovations in the lingerie department are always appreciated! For more on all of Jockey’s recent newness, including a review of the fit system, check out this post from The Bra Crusader. Strange? Totally. But strange can be cool.

What do you think about Jockey’s new bras? Are you intrigued? Would you try one?


Liza, Editorial Director


2 thoughts on “Fashion News: Jockey Says ‘See Ya Never’ to Traditional Cup Sizes

    • Curious is exactly the right word! I’m super intrigued, too. Apparently Jockey sends out an entire “fit kit” to prospective bra buyers and there’s a 100% money back guarantee…kinda enticing!

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