The Obsesh: Chunky Gold Chains

07209d16f07d513a9ef87d6f47e5e805I’m sure you’ve seen many bloggers and personalities rocking a chunky gold chain round their necks, as it’s super pops in street style. Rihanna does it, as well as loads of other urban musicians. There are many chains online inspired by the Celine ID tag or the Versace lion head medallion, but I find myself using the solid, simple one most. Maybe some of  you have thought, “Um, that’s kinda gaudy”, but if you’ve been like “Oh damn, I want one”, I have what you’re looking for. They’re referred to online as either chunky link, curb chain, or thick chain necklaces and here are my top 5 online spots to snag a necklace of your own:

  1. ($9.50)
  2. ASOS [Here are some good ones: extra chunky ($42.43), long chain ($17,82), triple pack ($42.43), four pack ($23.76), classic ($25.46)]
  3. Etsy ($14.48)
  4. eBay ($6.98)
  5. Nordstrom ($28)

If quality is really important to you, why not splurge on a real gold chain? My mother has a few simple 24 carat gold ones that I wear from time to time, and I love them. These were really popular back in the day, so definitely raid the family jewelry box before you buy one of your own. Be careful before you buy, some of the gold-plated lustre of costume jewelry rusts and rubs off.

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 8.04.02 PM  Gold is definitely an acquired taste. I used to hate it because that’s all my family would wear, but then it grew on me. There’s nothing subtle about this trend and sometimes it can be horrendously gaudy, but as long as you remember to limit yourself to one major gold facet, you’ll be okay. Opt for a huge ass gold chain, or then pair a bunch of thinner ones. How much is too much? Well, that really depends on your taste and self-discretion. No one wants to look like Mr. T, but some major hardware at the neck on an otherwise more subdued outfit can really make a statement. I personally go for one big one because it’s easier and less clutter, but thinner ones one a more casual outfit might do the trick!

What do you think? Gaudy and ghetto? Or gorgeous and glam? Let us know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

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