Swim Steez! Four Summer Styles for 2013

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With Memorial Day weekend one week in our rear view, summer has officially arrived! Tis the season of extra-long nights, tan skin, sunkissed highlights, fruity drinks, and barbecues–aka the best time of the year. Whether you plan to spend this season on a beach or at a rooftop pool, you’ll need a hot new suit or two to rock in style. But what to wear?! Naturally, at Mieux & Mieux, we’ve got you covered! Here are our favorite swim styles of the season!

The Croptini

Crop tops: They aren't just for outerwear anymore! Image Credit

Crop tops: They aren’t just for outerwear anymore! Image Credit

More coverage than a bikini but less than a tankini, the croptini may be the summer’s hottest new addition. A newcomer to the swimsuit game, the croptini is great for active girls, or for those who want a bit more coverage than offered by standard strings. There are even long-sleeve varieties! Be on the lookout for crops that are flowy, fringey, or otherwise embellished this year…it’s our bet that the croptini will be swimwear’s next big thing!

The Monokini

A crocheted monokini couldn't be hotter. Image Credit

A crocheted monokini couldn’t be hotter. Image Credit

Flirty, sexy, and a little daring? The monokini may be the suit for you!  I think of most monokinis as the mullet of swimwear: bikini in the back, one piece in the front. What differentiates a monokini from the classic one piece? Coverage. The monokini is skimpier, strappier, and more daring than traditional bathing suit styles, but they still offer more fabric than most two piece options. Many of this season’s monos feature cut-outs galore and untraditional necklines…This suit from Forever 21 has both! Bonus! Extra-bold fashionistas can rock monokinis on sea and on land since these swimsuits can often function as bodysuits and pair well with skirts and shorts as seen above.

The Bikini

Color-coordinated without being matchy-matchy is swimsuit steez at it's best. Image Credit

Color-coordinated without being matchy-matchy is swimsuit steez at it’s best. Image Credit

Can’t see yourself rocking anything but a bikini this summer? You’re not alone! Two pieces are an iconic symbol of summer style nationwide. This year, bikini trends seem to be centering around the lower half–we’re talking crazy variations in bikini bottom styling. Strings, varying rises, cheeksters, scrunch butts, hipsters…There are practically as many bikini styles as there are cuts of underwear! Buy a few of your faves and mix and match all season. With all of these new style options, there should truly be a bikini for everybody.

The One Piece

Sexy, stylish, and a little unexpected, the one piece  silhouette is a 2013-DO. Image Credit

Sexy, flattering, and a little unexpected, the one piece silhouette is a 2013-DO. Image Credit

Even if you don’t opt for the monokini, a one piece swimsuit can be more sexy than sporty! Everything is held in place and perfectly displayed. Stylistically speaking, the modern one piece is far from boring! You’ll find suits that are strapless, ruffled, vintage-inspired, embellished, scalloped, wired, paneled, twisted, printed, and backless. Again, something for everyone! If you haven’t worn a one piece since you discovered the tankini in 2000, the summer of 2013 may be the perfect time to bust one out!

Do you have your Summer 2013 swimsuit picked out yet? Which of these styles would you rock? Are there any swimsuit variations you can’t stand? We want to know! Leave us a note and share your thoughts!


Liza, Editorial Director


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