The Contrast Pocket

20130528-165024.jpgSummer for me is all about comfort and relaxation. Sometimes it’s hard finding that comfortable and cute balance, but I might have found just the thing. The contrast pocket tee is fun, fresh, and super laid back. I love a little spin on a basic t-shirt. Plus, they are totally DIY friendly for a fun summer project!20130528-165113.jpgThere’s a few ways to get your hands on one. I usually start with Etsy. One website I came across was The Frat Collection, which lets you mix and match. It’s a bit expensive for a basic pocket tee, so I definitely suggest trying it yourself! Take a basic tee, grab patterned or colored fabric scraps, and sew (fabric glue might be messy). Add spikes, stones, or anything you want and go crazy! Fresh new tees are perfect for an effortless summer steez, don’t you think?

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest


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