Da Drop-Crotch

20130528-172502.jpgDespite the horrendously peculiar (and obvious) name, drop-crotch pants are merely an extension of harem pants. The difference is the structure and silhouette. Harem pants are pleated to some extent and give a rounder shape, especially since they are loose at the calf, whereas drop-crotch pants have a more square look and simply drop the crotch with a skinnier, ruched calf.
20130528-173404.jpgThe look is very popular among urban street-stylers, especially in the hip-hip/dance scene, but it has also seeped it’s way onto the high-fashion runway. Givenchy styled this unorthodox pant in their recent collection with a fitted top. The tight top and loose bottom created for an interesting combo. I’m not necessarily sure yet whether I dig these, and even if I loved them, I wouldn’t be sure where to get my hands on a pair of drop crotch pants. Would you rock a pair of drop-crotches? Or is it a bit too outlandish? Tell us your thoughts!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest


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