#mcm: Suspenders

20130526-204817.jpgAs we continue our tour through the broad spectrum of menswear, we stop to take a look at suspenders. Before the hipsters were rocking suspenders, French men from the 1800s used suspenders to quite literally suspend their pants awfully high. The first suspenders were ties of ribbon, which then progressed into a more sturdy material made by a British manufacturer who called them “braces”. As strictly undergarments until almost the 1940s, suspenders never really saw the light of day. Times have really changed and suspenders are used purely as a fashion statement. There’s an old world charm to the two straps that make a normal look so classic. Yes, suspenders can be pretentious, but they are very cool to style (so you won’t look like Larry King). You can wear them with slacks and a button down, or khakis and a denim shirt. Find a pair in any men’s section at the mall for more neutral ones, or then eBay for wild colors and prints (my favorite is red). Suspenders are no longer strictly for men either. In fact, women wear them just as frequently! Would you rock a pair of suspenders if you had the chance? Let us know!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest

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