The Cell Phone Statement


Fashion is not confined to the things we wear about our person. In the same token, things that aren’t considered traditional fashion accessories, such as cell phones, now are. The cell phone has become more than a pocket essential. For most of us, it never leaves our hands. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that we have found ways to turn our closest companion into a stylish little lifeline as well.

Cell phone cases come in so many varieties and brands. Mall kiosks, Apple, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, and Verizon stores all carry cases for anywhere between $20-75. Popular phones like the iPhone or Blackberry have millions of choices. It’s crucial for the preservation of your phone, but it’s also crucial to leave your mark on your handiest gadget. You can get monogrammed cases off Etsy, or blinged out cases from eBay. Major designers such as Michael Kors, Coach and Marc Jacobs also carry iPhone cases. You might find cases by Burberry, Gucci or Louis Vuitton on the net, but those are most likely inauthentic. If the ones at the stores or online aren't doing it for you, make your own! You can buy solid black or white cases, and decorate them with sharpie and rhinestones. I personally don't like anything on my iPhone 5, but since I am notorious for cracking my screen, a fresh and fun case definitely takes the edge off!

Rida Islam, Fashion Editor

All images via Pinterest

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