Must See: No-Sew DIY Monokini by AndreasChoice!

As I’ve admitted to you guys before, when it comes to the art of DIY, all of my projects are pretty much a big fat fail. Though I’ve come to terms with my inability to craft, that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped lusting over project pins, posts, and vids! After all, maybe some more artistically inclined human will peep my picks and DIFM (that’s “do it for me,” natch). Or maybe not. A girl can DREAM!

My life, basically. Image Credit

My life, basically. Image Credit

…Regardless, the latest project in my specs is this super-sweet swimsuit makeover from YouTube starlet AndreasChoice. There’s no sewing required, and the title of the video has the word “easy” in it, so hopes are high that it’s on my DIY level. Check it out!

Seems easy enough, right? Get more AndreasChoice hereWould you do this DIY? Know of any other easy swimsuit makeover tips to share? Any projects you’d like to see featured? Advice for mastering the DIY?  I’d love to get your opinion!


Liza, Editorial Director


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