Inspired: Saturday Night Style

I came across this photo on Tumblr just now and instantly knew I had to share it with you all…I love this look!


It’s the perfect example of casual stylishness–the look is clean and effortless, but also interesting and a bit luxe. Perfect for some Memorial Day Weekend fashion inspiration! Rida just touched on the importance of glamming it up at least a little bit for nights out (and I totally, 100% concur!), but if you’re PMSing, are just feeling lazy and want to be low-key, or end up getting dragged out “against your will”, sometimes you just can’t spare the extra effort! But wait! You CAN! Emulating a look like this one would be a pretty ideal, best-of-both-worlds solution. Here’s how to recreate it for yourself!

Saturday Night Style: DIY Outfit Elements

This stylish look couldn't be easier to replicate...All you need is the right elements! Top, Only. Shorts, Zara. Watch, Nordstrom. Pumps, Nordstrom. Crystal ring, ASOS. Long ring, Shopbop.

This stylish look couldn’t be easier to replicate…All you need is the right elements! Top, Only. Shorts, Zara. Watch, Nordstrom. Pumps, Boutique 9. Crystal ring, ASOS. Long ring, Shopbop.

Leather/Faux Leather shorts. If you don’t yet own a pair of leather shorts, buy some immediately! They’re a super easy way to not only add some edge to your wardrobe, but they can be dressed up or down with ease. My favorite thing about leather shorts is that you can totally get away with wearing them in situations where shorts would otherwise constitute a no-go–a date, a night of dancing, dinner out with the girls, what have you. They’re versatile, surprisingly comfortable, and super easy to style. A definite 2013 wardrobe essential in my book!

Luxe Tee. While the shirt pictured has classic Hanes t-shirt styling, in reality, it’s far from a basic cotton tee! It’s more of a t-shirt styled blouse. Material matters! Aside from the textiles, the semi-relaxed fit tempers the the tightness and shortness of the leather shorts. Team your tee with a blazer for chilly nights or opt for a top with a peplum if you’re feeling extra trendy!

Statement jewelry. Sometimes, it’s all about the accessories. This is one of those times! The addition of multiple rings and a statement watch really work together to make this outfit more dressy and nighttime appropriate. Layer it on, ladies!

Neon pumps. Neon as a trend is here to stay! It’s great for summer (nothing looks better than neon next to a tan!) and for adding a pop of color to an otherwise basic or neutral look. Hot!

Would you rock this look, ladies? Why or why not? What are you doing with your long weekend?


Liza, Editorial Director


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